Sue Monk Kidd’s bestselling novel, “The Invention of Wings” (Jan. 2014), has brought the story of the Grimké Sisters to light and inspired this walking tour through downtown Charleston. Though known as unconventional abolitionists and feminists in their day, Angelina and Sarah Grimké have remained obscure in American history and (mostly) unrecognized in Charleston, city of their birth. Join us to learn more about them and their story.

A group on the private Grimke Sisters Tour in Charleston, SC


Growing up in a slave owning family Angelina and Sarah Grimké turned their backs on their home and family to begin a crusade on fighting injustices to women of the day and those enslaved. Follow in the footsteps of these 2 courageous women and discover how life in Charleston was for both the privileged elite and the enslaved masses. The popularity of Kidd’s novel led to the creation of this walking tour for the Preservation Society’s Fall Tours.

Lee Ann giving a tour to a small group of friends.


The Grimké Sisters Tour is now offered on demand throughout the year. This 2 hour and 15 minute walk will highlight locations and events from the book, divulge untold stories and complete the tale of the Grimké Sisters. Those who have not read the novel enjoy it as much as those who have. Tickets start at $30.00 per person with a minimum of 4 people or $120 a tour for groups smaller than 4 people. (*Smaller groups can be combined to reach minimum.)

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The rate is $30.00 per person with a minimum of 4 people or $120 a tour for groups smaller than 4 people. (Smaller groups can be combined together to reach minimum) Special rates on request for groups larger than 10. 

The walking tour lasts 2 hour and 15 minutes.

 Tour starts on the bottom steps of the Charleston Library Society, 164 King Street

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"While researching the Grimké Sisters for our National History Day project, we found out about this tour. Our tour guide was a great source of information. She took us all around Charleston to visit places where Sarah and Angelina had been. She had so many stories about these sister and their family, as well as, historical details of slavery, the abolition movement, and Charleston. We were able to use all of this information on our project and it helped us to win second place in the state competition and proceed to the national level."
Lauren H. and Alyssa E.
"After reading and thoroughly enjoying “The Invention of Wings” by Sue Monk Kidd, three friends and I decided to take Lee Ann’s tour of the Grimkés. Her knowledge of Charleston and all its history is absolutely remarkable. We walked the streets where it all took place, and felt we relived a lot of what was in the book. We learned truths and untruths, and several interesting tidbits that were not in the book. A wonderful tour that we talked about for days afterwards! I would highly recommend it to anybody!"
Phoenix, AZ
"Recently, I had the rare pleasure of participating in a Grimké sisters tour. Yes, I had read The Invention of Wings, and I thought I knew this tour because I had read the book. The tour, however, is so much more. As you walk the darkened alleyways and sunny cobblestones, the Grimké history comes alive. Not only do you learn about the incredibly brave Sarah and Angelina, you hear fascinating stories of many other family members that will leave you thirsting for more knowledge. It takes real passion to tell a story of the complicated way of life that existed then. The tour takes you back to a time that gives you reverence for two sisters who refused to accept a way of life that operated on the abuse of others. I can do this tour again and again because I am certain I would learn something richer and deeper with each excursion."
Easley, SC
Our group thoroughly enjoyed your tour on Sunday. We were amazed at the depth of your “behind the scenes” knowledge and the ease with which you packaged it into our walk. Thank you for helping make our reunion trip to Charleston engaging and memorable.
G. Bagley
Lakeland, FL


Lee Ann Bain and Author Sue Monk Kidd

Lee Ann and Sue Monk Kidd

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Sue Monk Kidd and former Charleston Mayor Joe Riley at the historical marker dedication.

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Grimké Sisters Biography

A new biography of the Grimké sisters is in the works! The author of this forthcoming book (Publication date 2024) is Louise W. Knight.
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